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If you are interested in purchasing a house history, you might want to first look at our exhibits of past home histories. With a purchase of an framed history at $50.00,or $35.00 for unframed, you would receive an 8.5 by 11 inch document printed on parchment like paper, such as featured in these Website displays. If you would only like a Website display, this would be free. You need only to mail or e-mail us your name, address of the home to be researched, your telephone number and a statement that you read and are OK with our Website Appearance agreement. If you are interested in purchasing a history, we will ask for no money until you have seen the completed history and are fully satisfied.

Why the Website Appearance Agreement? We are in the process of creating a online
exhibit of historic homes eventually covering all of the streets in German Village. We would like to include you home. In addition, we would like to be able to consider your home for "This Week's German Village Landmarks" presentations and possible exhibits
at the Visitor's Center and other venues.
Website Appearance Agreement
1. German Village House Histories shall have the right to use an image of the real property for educational, promotional, and archival uses without compensation to the property owners.

2. German Village House Histories shall not use any image of the real property in any product for which it receives compensation without either a) the express permission of the property owner or b) by mutually agreeable compensation to the property owner.

3. It is at the option of the property owner as to whether they would like to be identified in the history to be published on the website.

4. If the property owner agrees to the above and give permission to take photographs, approval of the history by the home owner must be given before its publication.
How to get your own house history
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